Electrical projects I have managed:
  I have managed electrical projects for Vestas, where the developing team was located in Hammel and Aarhus in Denmark, but where the production teams were located in China, Spain, and the US.
As we had extremely hard deadlines, we established a sandbox environment together with the Chinese production managers, so we could develop and prepare for production at the same time
  I have managed project developing automotive control boxes, interfacing with vehicles CAN bus, Internet, GPS, dashboard displays and a lot of local sensors.
The developing team was running scrum and placed in the Czech Republic and the hardware supplier was in Germany.
  Project manager for the teams there developed the control system for HJ Lubtronic.
The main controller was delivered by an external team, the integration with hydraulic and mechanical systems was developed by an internal team as well as the unit was tested internal and on a prototype installation on a 8-cylinder Wärtsilä-Sulzer engine.
  Was PM for the preliminary and Final Acceptance Test on a fifty million-dollar datacenter for the mobile industry.
The team consisted of internal engineers and external engineers from Cisco and HP.
  Has been project manager for optimizing the production of high voltage transform houses..
  Have been PM for several network installations from the “Coax time” to the present with WIFI, wan, telephone and optic cabling.
  Have been project manager for the team there delivered electrical models of Vestas 2MW turbines, to be used in high voltage grid simulations.
The team was placed in Singapore, the input to the team came for a lot of stakeholders in Denmark and the important first customers were typical placed in US.