Mechanical projects I have managed:
  Managed projects for the construction and production preparation of power pylons for the Danish 400 kV and 150 kV transmission lines.
The constructions were bolted and welded structural steel with concrete foundations.
The pylons were up to 50 meters. The core team were 2 engineers and 5 technical designers and was supported by Q-consultant, production engineers and consultant engineers.
  Managed projects for design, construction and production preparation of power cable steel construction for The Danish Railroad. The constructions were welded corten steel pipes with bolded adaptations. I introduced special designed CAD programs to speed up the design process.
  Managed several projects delivering large steel structures; radio masts, aircraft hangars, power plans, etc. .
  Manager for the team there constructed, produced and installed some of the first tube towers for windmills.
The first circular tube tower was supplied to a Windmatic 66 kW wind turbine. It was erected in southern Denmark in the 80’s and was 25m. The team consisted of several engineers and production people from the 5 companies cooperating.
  Managed several marine engines projects.
Ran research projects in cylinder lubrication on large two-stroke diesel engines with Castrol, BP, Brighton University, Aalborg University and 4 internal engineers
  Manager for the team there constructed Dasfoss new mechanical joystick.
The goal for the project was more to incoporate Danfoss Power Solution into the Danfoss Groupe project model.
  Managed several mechanical projects on the 2MW platform from Vestas wind turbines.
I was manager for some of the scoping projects for scoping new generation of the 2 MW wind turbines where all mechanical structures were optimized to save costs in sourcing, production, and installation.