Organisatation projects I have managed:
  I took over the role as manager of B&Os SW maintenance department in India.
They had performance problems, but a short investigation showed that they were task switching a lot.
I introduced Scrum and placed the product owner in the customer service department. We managed to get the performance up to level nerve seen before in the company.
  I started the company CADStudio.
CADStudio was a software developing house specialized in developing CAD, GIS and CAE applications,
CADStudio existed for 8 years and was reworded several prices among other IT Rocky of the year and Gold medal in DataForum.
  When I took over the developing department at Hans Jensen Lubricators, the department was more or less defunct.
An outsourcing project had failed, many employees had left the company and the remaining could barely handle the daily sales and service projects.
I split up the department in a project and a developing department. I insourced the software developing and managed to hire new engineers and designers.
We succeeded to finish all open developing projects and even start some new groundbreaking research projects with universities and research institutes around the world.
  I was project manager for Vestas documentation project for 3 years covering 4 generations of wind turbines. The documentation project was least attractive project among Vestas PMs as it all ways failed and had broken a lot of PMs in the past.
I analyzed the project and came to the conclusion that the colossal amount of stakeholders was one of the main reasons. My predecessor had tried to run the project as a waterfall project in MS Project and failed.
Together with the product owner I made and maintained a share point side with over 200 stakeholders and a backlog with more than 3000 deliverables. I managed to syncronized the deliverables in the project with Vestas Project model, and for the first time in Vestas history, we managed to deliver all documentation before the first turbines were erected.
  I started at Alfredpriess as a regular construction engineer. But after a month I was promoted to manager of the construction department.
The company was in financial problems and we had to cut the department with 50%. I introduce CAD and a lot of software tools to increase efficiency. I managed to maintain the department's productivity even with the 50% headcount reduction.
  When I started in Nellemann (Denmark's largest consultant engineering company at the time, with departments in Germany and the Baltic countries now called Nirass) the company had one PC and a Mainframe with 6 terminals.
When I left 6 years later all employees had a PC and were trained in how to use them. All the PCs were connected to LAN and WANs. The Mainframe was replaced by a server structure and the company had an IT developing department making administrative tools, CAD and CAE applications.
  I have started over 10 companies in my time, and even though my primary focus now is project management and product development I have a large commercial, legal and organization insight.